Hammonds Plains Consolidated Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important; calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Young, Stacey School Psychologist youngs@hrce.ca
Young, Kyle 100% Educational Program Assistant
Smith , Krista Schools Plus/Community Outreach Worker (On Leave) KSmith@hrce.ca
Simms, Natalie 80% Educational Program Assistant
Saulnier, Jenny 80% Educational Program Assistant
Ryer, Samantha 80% Educational Program Assistant
Pedvis, Cindy HRCE School Social Worker 902-430-4713 cpedvis@hrce.ca
Peach, Diane 100% Librarian dpeach@hrce.ca
Nicholson, Tanya 100% Educational Program Assistant
McCallum, Jennifer 80% Educational Program Assistant
Leighton, Sheri 80% Educational Program Assistant
Hebb, Nicole 80% Educational Program Assistant
Fudge, Michele 100% Educational Program Assistant
Finlay, Jennifer 50% Educational Program Assistant
Cullen, Rachel 100% Educational Program Assistant
Creelman, Terry Caretaker
Coons, Michele 100% Educational Program Assistant
Cohoon, Sarena 80% Educational Program Assistant
Butros Weyo, Nyon African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker NButrosWeyo@hrce.ca
Burke, Ashley 80% Educational Program Assistant
Bowman, Brittany 80% Educational Program Assistant
Battiste, Sherry Schools Plus Assistant Lead sherry.battiste@hrce.ca
Ariyo, Jennifer Schools Plus; Child and Youth Care Practitioner
Afshari, Simin 80% Educational Program Assistant

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Wheeler, Marlene ECE Pre-primary
Wheeler, Marlene ECE Pre-primary Support
Webb, Rhonda Resource rwebb@hrce.ca
Warnica, Stacey 50% Grade 1/50% Reading Recovery swarnica@hrce.ca
Topshee, Heather 20% Guidance Counselor
Taylor, Gail ECE Pre-primary Support
Tate, Jennifer School Speech Language Pathologist
Taneja, Ravi Grade 3 rtaneja@hrce.ca Website
Stenason, Heather ECE - Pre-Primary Lead Hstenason@hrce.ca
Simon, Jen 50% Learning Center/ 50% Grade 3 jsimon@hrce.ca
Redding, Kara (50 %) Primary (50%) French Reading Recovery KRedding@hrce.ca
Pham, Ha EAL/KWS
Perry, Jillian Grade 4 jperry@hrce.ca
Parsons, Jennifer Grade 2 jparsons@hrce.ca
Oliver, Paula Grade Primary/1 French Immersion poliver@hrce.ca
Olatunji, Bosede ECE Pre-Primary Lead bosede.olatunji@hrce.ca
Oakie, Lisa Grade Primary LOakie@hrce.ca
Nickerson, Melissa Grade 4/5 mwalsh@hrce.ca
Myra, Shelley Grade Primary/1 SMyra@hrce.ca
Mugford, Ian 100% Learning Center IMugford@hrce.ca
Monette, Julie Grade 3/4 French Immersion Julia.Monette@hrce.ca
McNamara, Tania 100% Learning Center tmcnamara@hrce.ca
Malone, Andrea Fine Arts Specialist SLC 3 amalone@hrce.ca
MacPhail, Maddie ECE-Pre-primary
MacIsaac, Shannon ECE - Pre-Primary Lead sMacIsaacHanrahan@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Lori Grade 2 lori.macdonald@gnspes.ca
Leblanc, Carrie 40% Grade 2 French Immersion/APL (French Early Literacy) cleblanc@hrce.ca
Kendall, Janice Grade Primary/1 jkendall@hrce.ca
Ivey, Carly Primary Immersion carly.ivey@hrce.ca
Hynes, Deidre Learning Support Teacher DHynes@hrce.ca
Hickey, Jenna Grade 5 jhickey@hrce.ca
Hasler, Robyn Grade 5 RHasler@hrce.ca
Harrington, Krista ECE - Pre-primary Support
Gosney, Andrew 100% School Counsellor agosney@hrce.ca Website
Geneau, Jaclyn ( Currently on Leave) jgeneau@hrce.ca
Gagné, Erika 100% French Resource egagne@hrce.ca
Furlong, Colin Core French Colin.furlong@hrce.ca
Fraser, Gisele Grade 5 French Immersion gfraser@hrce.ca
Fawthrop-Pooler, Natalie Grade 2 French Immersion NFawthrop-Pooler@hrce.ca
Dykeman, Edward 100% Physical Education edykeman@hrce.ca
Dean-Levy, Jennifer Grade 3 french immersion jdean-levy@hrce.ca Website
David-Reddick, Tia ECE Pre-primary Support
Cooke, Kathy Music kcooke@hrce.ca Website
Chisholm, Cherly Grade 1 French Immersion cheryl.chisholm@hrce.ca
Cavanuagh, Colleen 50% Grade 1 50% Early Literacy Support CCavanaugh@hrce.ca
Brown, Joanne ECE Pre-primary Support
Braid-Callaway, Sarah 100% Learning Center sbraid-callaway@hrce.ca
Bowers, Amy-Sue Grade 4/5 French Immersion abowers@hrce.ca Website
Boudreau, Dollene Grade 1 French Immersion
Blackburn, Keith Physical Education KBlackburn@hrce.ca
Barkhouse, Anna Grade 3/4 ABarkhouse@hrce.ca
Anderson, Brittany Core French


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Shore, Nicole 20% Administrative Assistant
Marsman, Andrea Vice Principal anoylander@hrce.ca
Loane, Kyla 100% Administrative Assistant 902 832-8412 Kyla.Loane@hrce.ca
Corkum, Lynn Principal lcorkum@hrce.ca