Hammonds Plains Consolidated Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Afshari, Simin 80% Educational Program Assistant
Brooks, Derrick African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker derrick.brooks@hrce.ca
Cullen, Rachel 80% Educational Program Assistant
Derocher, Rachel School Social Worker rderocher@hrce.ca
Fudge, Michele 100% Educational Program Assistant
Hebb, Nicole 80% Educational Program Assistant
Nicholson, Tanya 100% Educational Program Assistant
Osmond, Trina 80% Educational Program Assistant
Peach, Diane 100% Librarian dpeach@hrce.ca
Richard, Jessica 80% Educational Program Assistant
Sherrilynn, Leighton 80% Educational Program Assistant
Williams, Lisa 100% Educational Program Assistant
Young, Kyle 80% Educational Program Assistant
Young, Stacey Psychologist youngs@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Anger, Joanne 50 % Resource 50% ELT janger@hrce.ca
Balcombe, Faith Resource fbalcombe@hrce.ca
Banfield, Morgan 30% Music banfiedlm@hrce.ca
Bowers, Amy-Sue Grade 4 French Immersion abowers@hrce.ca Website
Bowers, Barbara Grade 3 bbowers@hrce.ca
Braid-Callaway, Sarah Learning Center sbraid-callaway@hrce.ca
Caron, Suzanna Grade 2/3 scaron@hrce.ca
Cooke, Kathy Music kcooke@hrce.ca
Dean-Levy, Jennifer Grade 3 french immersion jdean-levy@hrce.ca Website
Ells, Carole Core French cells@hrce.ca Website
Fraser, Gisele Grade 5 French Immersion gfraser@hrce.ca
Frith, Sharon Grade 1 sfrith@hrce.ca
Gagné, Erika Grade 1 French Resource(50%) / Learning Center(50%) egagne@hrce.ca
Gallant, Glenna-Rae Grade 4/5 gallantg@hrce.ca
Greeley, Louise Grade 3/4 French Immersion mlgreeley@hrce.ca
Hasey, Rod Grade 5 rhasey@hrce.ca
Kendall, Janice Gr. Primary jkendall@hrce.ca
Leblanc, Carrie Grade 1 French Immersion cleblanc@hrce.ca
Lord, Natalie Grade1/2 French Immersion natalie.lord@hrce.ca
Malone, Andrea Physical Education amalone@hrce.ca
Marsh, Caitlin ALP (Early Literacy Support) / French Immersion marsh.caitlin@hrce.ca
Martell, Penny Gr. Primary/1 French Immersion pmartell@hrce.ca
McNamara, Tania Grade 1 tmcnamara@hrce.ca
Neatt, Heather Grade 2 French Immersion hneatt@hrce.ca
Noylander, Andrea Guidance Counselor anoylander@hrce.ca
Oakie, Lisa Grade Primary loakie@hrce.ca
Oliver, Paula Gr. Primary French Immersion poliver@hrce.ca
Parsons, Jennifer Grade 2 jparsons@hrce.ca
Pashkoski, Neil 70% Physical Education james.pashkoski@hrce.ca
Perry, Jillian Grade 3/4 jperry@hrce.ca
Shanahan, Peg Grade 4 mshanahan@hrce.ca
Spidell, Cindy Grade 4 cspidell@hrce.ca
Steele, Jaclyn Grade 5 French Immersion steelej@hrce.ca
Taneja, Ravi Grade 2 rtaneja@hrce.ca Website
Warnica, Stacey Grade 1 swarnica@hrce.ca
Webb, Rhonda Learning Center rwebb@hrce.ca
White, Samantha Grade 5 sfournier-white@hrce.ca
Zawidzki, Pamela Grade 2 French Immersion pzawidzki@hrce.ca Website


Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Corkum, Lynn Principal lcorkum@hrce.ca
Kennedy, Jennifer Secretary (20%) jennifer.kennedy@hrce.ca
Madget, David Vice Principal dmadgett@hrce.ca
Rogers, Donna Secretary drogers@hrce.ca