Hammonds Plains Consolidated Elementary

Back to School Plan for HPCS September 2020

Plan for entry, recess, lunch and dismissal  HPCS  Sept 2020

As always the Health and Safety of every student and staff is at the forefront of any decisions we make regarding our plan for back to school.    While a large school presents a challenge it also provides many professionals to work and think together to put forward the best plan.

Plan for morning arrival-morning arrival will need to look differently.  We no longer will exit our bus, play with our friends from other classes, ring a bell and line up to enter the building.  We have to realize for the time being we are in a medical pandemic and our new normal will not look as it once did.  Given the size of our school and the number of students needing to enter the building, our plan is a soft entry, which means all classroom teachers will be in their classrooms to receive/supervise students at 8:20 am (20 minutes before the actual instruction occurs).    As students arrive via busses (one bus dismissed at a time to allow for social distancing) they will proceed to their assigned door for entry and exit, hand sanitization and proceed directly to classrooms.  All specialists will be assigned an entry to make sure students enter safely, hand sanitize and head directly to classrooms. Students will bring their belongings into the classroom instead of using the coathooks.  Instruction begins at 8:40 am.  Those families electing to not travel by bus and choosing to drop off will do so between 8:20 am and 8:40 am. The designated area for drop off is on the side of the building label drop and go.  Staff members will be in this area to assist students to their assigned entryways.  In order for this to run smoothly and safely, it is paramount that parents do not attempt to park their vehicle in the stop and go area.  The parking lot is for school staff only.  This is in accordance with public health protocol.  All bus students will wear a mask on the bus.


Recess will be taken with the classroom cohort/teacher during their scheduled times throughout the morning and afternoon.    Primaries will play on the designated playground each day with their cohort only. Students in grades 1-5 will rotate through a designated area or play zone each day. Public health is encouraging everyone to get outside as much as possible for breaks and learning time.  Students will maintain a social distance and keep their cohort together at all times.

Lunch-We are moving to two distinct lunch hours with an eating period and a play period for each hour.  Lunch A is from 11:10 am to 12:10 pm and lunch B is from 12:10 pm to 1:10 pm.  Each hour of lunch is broken up into two thirty minute blocks one for eating and one for playing.  This means six classes/cohorts are eating in their own classroom for thirty minutes while the other six classes/cohorts are outside playing in their scheduled zone.     Lunch monitors will be assigned to a classroom cohort.


Dismissal- our school is 100% bussed due to lack of sidewalks, traffic on Hammonds Plains road.  Due to the large numbers of students needing to exit we feel our best protocol is to call students to their busses upon its arrival. Students will proceed out their assigned door. All specialists will be assisting their assigned classrooms with dismissal.  All bus students will mask up before leaving the classroom. Our classroom teachers will stay in the classrooms supervising students and make sure students are exiting to busses at correct time.  Specialists will be assigned to the primary wing to walk students to busses and other specialists will be positioned to make sure students keep moving to the correct bus.
We encourage all students to use the bus transportation provided.  If you choose to pick up your child please note there is no parking on the school property for safety purposes and lack of available spaces.  Please park on Hammonds Plains Road and walk to your child’s assigned exit door. Children will meet you outside the door.  When teachers make contact with home they will inform you of your childs entrance and exit door.

Primary First day Sept 8-All primary students will be contacted by their classroom teacher prior to the first day of school.  Each primary class has been designated a color.  Colored buttons for each primary student will be available for pick up on Sept 1 at 9am to 3pm.  The pick up is located outside the main doors.    The color of the button will correspond with the teacher which will help easily identify which classroom cohort the student will proceed to.  Specialists will escort primaries to classrooms on the first  few days of school.


Class Lists-Due to public health protocol we are encouraged to social distance.  Therefore classroom teachers will contact families to introduce themselves and indicate which is their childs entry and exit door.  No class lists will be posted to limit congregating of groups.


  • All bussed students will wear masks  PP-Grade 5
  • Grade 4 and Grade 5 students will wear masks at all times unless social distancing can occur such as outdoor recess
  • Only staff and students will be permitted in the school in accordance with public health protocol
  • We encourage all students to arrive and depart on the bus
  • All children will eat in the classrooms and will not have access to cafeteria space
  • The cafeteria as a food provider is closed until at least October.
  • Monitor you child each morning for symptoms of Covid-19
  • Please send your child with a full water bottle to school each day