Hammonds Plains Consolidated Elementary

Literacy Week Jan. 27-Feb. 1

Photos of staff members holding their favorite book up in front of their face will be displayed in the front entry way.  The students will all have an opportunity to try and guess which teacher/staff member is holding which book.

Students will be asked to create a poem if they wish, to read over the announcements or during assemblies.  This activity is completely optional. Some will be read during literacy week and others throughout the remainder of the school year

January 27 - 31 is Family Literacy Week again this year.  We have scheduled activities for this week to highlight literacy at HPCS. The theme this year is “Lets Read Together”, which is a focus on families reading together to connect, discover and enjoy.  Below is a schedule.  Please hang this notice on your refrigerator and remind your son/daughter of the activities planned for each day.

Each day there will be a ten-minute Stop Drop and Read at random times. Carry your book at all times.

Monday January 27:   Literacy Activities with Buddies
Teachers will coordinate with their cross-age buddies to do a literacy activity. The students will be creating a copy of the spine of their favorite book either from home or the classroom. Book spines will be displayed on the bulletin board outside the gymnasium.

Tuesday January 28:   Literacy Week Assembly for Students 1:30 pm

Wednesday January 29:    Family Reading Day/Guest readers
We invite family members i.e. parents, grandparents, etc to come into the classroom and read with a small group or individual students.  Teachers will communicate directly with their parents when it is scheduled for their classroom and ask for an email regarding availability.  Some classes have chosen to do alternate literacy activities with their classes in lieu of guest readers.

Thursday January 30:   Story Telling Day
Special guest Clare Dugas will be visiting each classroom to do a story telling activity. 

Friday January 31:    Snuggle Up and Read/Literacy Game Day
Classes will come to the cafeteria to have a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up with a good book and stuffy in cozy pajamas. Students will play literacy games in their classrooms as scheduled by their teacher.